About Bilaal Rajan

Bilaal Rajan is a gift to children everywhere. Since the age of four, he has changed the world with his passion, love and inspiration, but most of all—his action. He saw dire need and took action to create real solutions for children who had no hope.
Who else would have believed that selling clementines, cookies and hand-made decorative plates in his neighbourhood in Canada could have had such an impact on children in other countries?
Who else would have believed that rallying young Canadians together to raise money for UNICEF would also spark major corporations to make generous donations of medicine, food and other aid?
Who else would make personal pilgrimages to devastated areas on the other side of the globe to deliver a warm smile and encouragement to an orphan?
And who is better qualified to write a book about making change? In his book, “Making Change: Tips from an Underage Overachiever”, Bilaal is now empowering his peers so they can make change, too.
To date, Bilaal has raised over $5 million for various causes and is the youngest Ambassador ever for UNICEF, worldwide. He has been granted many awards for his tireless efforts for over a decade.

Bilaal’s  ultimate goal is to inspire one million kids in the next three years to maximize their true potential and get involved in creating a better world, to have fun and to MAKE CHANGE NOW. There is only now, because tomorrow isn’t here yet. Now, today, is when change starts.
Bilaal Rajan knows, instinctively, what much of the world has yet to discover; that love brings the people of this planet together; that there is untapped abundance to be channeled where it is needed most. Children of the world can rejoice, knowing that Bilaal Rajan is here to honour and protect them.
If a mere boy can do all this, then what can YOU do that will multiply his results? Bilaal knew the secret. He wondered “why”, but he asked himself and the world, “Why Not?”
There is no acceptable answer to that question, because Bilaal has proven that anything is possible if we believe it and we take ACTION.