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Bilaal Rajan, 14:

Author, phenomenal fundraiser, motivational speaker. Multi-award-winning, team-spirited, and goal-driven.

This pre-teen inspirational visionary and change agent has a formidable record of rallying groups around a common cause to raise as much as $5 million for such world-renowned organizations as UNICEF and the World Partnership Walk (run by the Aga Khan Development Network) – all in an effort to banish global poverty and world suffering aimed at children.

And this background, talent and inclination is strongly evident in his speaking.

Bilaal is an articulate communicator and polished presenter who can build consensus and gain crucial support from distinguished dignitaries like: the Prime Minister of Canada, the President of Maldives, the Governor-General of Canada, the Lieutenant-Governors of Ontario and Nova Scotia, the Premiers of Ontario andNova Scotia, the Mayor of the Cityof Toronto and Halifax, and other renowned leaders. 

And yet, though he has the composure, wisdom and speaking skills of a very accomplished adult, he brings all the spontaneity, naturalness and simplicity of youth, to speaking events.

Bilaal will wow adults – with his views on leadership, fundraising initiatives, peak-performance work ethics, and more.  And, being young himself, he connects wonderfully with children and teens as both mentor and peer, for positive change.

And this connection is global – he has spoken to and connected with many kids beyond North America, in Malawi, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Thailand, the Maldives, Mexico and more. You can be sure that Bilaal will bring his global experiences and insights to any event.

Bilaal is computer-literate in PowerPoint (as well as MS Office, Word, Excel, Windows Movie Maker, and Adobe PhotoShop.  His fluency in French, with extra knowledge of Mandarin, Spanish, and Swahili, also makes him a culturally-well-rounded presenter.

All in all, he is a talented, accomplished and wonderfully-well-spoken keynote speaker. Bilaal is equally at ease speaking on his own, and within a group or panel. He has the great gift of inspiring others – and of being inspired himself by them!

Think about booking Bilaal, for the experience of a lifetime – a young man who has helped many young lives around the world. You’ll be glad you did!

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