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Published author, fundraiser and UNICEF Ambassador Bilaal Rajan, 16, has been a feature of many magazines and newspaper articles, TV and radio programs, web programs, video clips, etc. He has wowed hosts, reporters, interviewers, other speakers, and audiences of all ages, who have been inspired with his insight, eloquence, and timely advice on how everyone can help make a difference in the world around them.

Press Releases

Bilaal Rajan Launches Fourth Annual Barefoot Challenge - June 2012

13 Year-Old UNICEF Ambassador Challenges World Youth To Help Haiti - January 2010

Bilaal Rajan Carries Olympic Torch in Toronto - December 2009

13 Year-Old Launches Online Sudoku Site to Help Kids in Need - November 2009

Bilaal Rajan Wins Canada Day Youth Award - June 2009

UNICEF Ambassador Bilaal Rajan Takes on New York City - March 2009

UNICEF Celebrates 50 Years, Thuner Bay Source - October 8, 2008

Book Review of Making Change: Tips From an Underage Overachiever, CM Magazine - September 26, 2008

SAC's Shining Star, The Andrean: St. Andrew's College Magazine - Fall 2008

60 Second Spotlight, Smart Start Giving- September 19, 2008

Bilaal's "Giving" Story, Smart Start Giving - September 15, 2008

Youngest Recipient of Youth in Motion Top 20 under 20 award, Era Banner - June 17, 2008

Bilaal Rajan Wins Prestigious Top 20 under 20 Award, UNICEF Canada - June 4, 2008

Me and You for Children of Myanmar, India Times - May 21, 2008

Students Come to the Aid of Children of Myanmar, Mississauga News - May 14, 2008

Me and You for Children of Myanmar Challege, UNICEF Canada - May 13, 2008

Journey of Bilaal, Ismaili Mail - March 24, 2008

Bilaal Rajan: World Saver and Blogger Extraordinaire, Digital History - November 21, 2007

Meet and Ambassador for UNICEF, Ismaili Mail - October 26, 2007

Canadian Children Celebrate National UNICEF Day, - October 31, 2006

Canadian Boy Urges Peers to Raise Tsunami Aid Funds, - January, 1, 2005

UNICEF's Youngest Fundraiser and Advocate, UNICEF Canada - March 21, 2003